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International Prize Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a small exclusive Spanish producer in Cordoba’s mountainous Sierras Subbéticas National Park in Andalucia. These are outstanding products as confirmed recently by a panel of experts “absolutely impeccable taste and aroma without any defects”. It took us a long time to find the right producer; the wait was worth every minute. OL Extra Virgin UK supplies discerning consumers and businesses.

OL Premium Gold Medal at Eco-Trama

OL Premium Gold Medal at Eco-Trama

OL Premium wins Medal of Gold in the prestigious international contest Eco-Trama recognized as amongst the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In addition to being certified Organic, Premium is certified as a  “Natural Product” from Andalucia reinforcing the commitment of the  producers Marco, Pedro and Antonio to sustainability and respect for the environment.

Gold Medal at Bio-Press

What makes OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil so special?

Relatively high rain fall, fluctuations in temperature, soil with a high lime content and the variation in altitude all combine to give OL’s range of Extra Virgin Olive Oil it’s outstanding aromas and tastes. All the above combined with three varieties of olive tree from the estate providing the fruit, Picuda, Arbequina and Hojiblanca harvested early give OL it’s outstanding quality.

Marco, Pedro and Antonio


Marco, Pedro and Antonio are passionate about their oil. Equally important to them is how they produce it, it’s not enough to be high quality, it must be natural, healthy and produced in a sustainable way to support the National Park which is their home. Their ethos sits well with most UK “foodies”.